Second Amendment!

act of terror? (y)  @-}--

donald trump I have heard that u got 30   million US Dollars from NRA,,if Kim in North Korea give u the same amount ,,would he also get a free pass? Or he got the wrong colour? 

Mad white men playing with M16 guns r ok, according to u!


  <3 ......

NRA, grow up and act like adults!

Stopp för lagliga 3D-vapen i USA

En amerikansk domstol har satt käppar i hjulen för möjligheten att helt lagligt ladda ned ritningar till vapendelar som sedan kan skrivas ut med en 3D-skrivare. Beslutet kom bara timmar innan ritningarna skulle publiceras på nätet.

--- Äntligen! 

Mr. Mad max!

Well NRA,...I know u like my name but i dont wanna be ur chairman! Sorry!

NRA?   ---Ratatata.....ratata...ratata.......... <3 

OK,Donald i like that u are tough against 


But u must be reasonable about guncontrol in USA!

A lucky  student how survived a whole day in an american school!

but tomorrow is another day in a US school!

A lot of innocent american citzens r killed every year coz NRA 

use their mad power!

What makes the United States of America "The land of the free, and the home of the brave"? 

--WE love USA! Machinegun Kelly, m-16 maniacs club and of coz NRA! -- We will rule USA until last citizen of USA r standing!

I think even John Wayne is crying when he c this madness from heaven!

Year 2035 : ----At last we have stopped these gun masssacres in USA now!

---Ye,,i heard that the last US citizen was shot dead yesterday!

Ps.. a labil person with easy access to a heavy machinegun , worst scenario, can kill hundreds of innocent ppl before The Good Guy take out this" psykopat"!

I dont mind common ppl in US walking along with a shotgun or handgun,,none of my business! Thats an old Western tradition from 1800 ...when the West was won!


First lady Melania Trump

Mark and open